1984-89 Corvette Front Door Speaker Removal
by C.J. Heidel

Keep window in the up position, and as always, remove negative terminal from battery before doing this procedure..
Speaker Cover Remove 4 Phillips Head Screws from Speaker Cover

Door Panel

Remove the phillips head screws as circled.  (The screws are different, be sure to note the locations). (This pic is a passenger side, the rest of the pics are for driver's side)

Door Panel Off

Once screws are removed, lift up on the door panel.  It rests at the top of the door.  It should slide off fairly easy, if not, be sure all screws were removed.  Remove wire connections that are on the door panel itself, you should not have to disconnet wires inside the door.  Remove Plastic dust protector sheet from door, set aside.

Door Handle

You will need to remove the metal sheet that the door hardware attaches to.  This is held in place by a number of 7MM bolts to the door frame.  Remove the bolts as circled as well as the other 7MM bolts that you see attached to the metal sheet and the door frame.

Door Insides
Remove the 10MM bolt circled in Yellow.  Remove the rest of the 7MM bolts circled in white.
Unhook the door lock actuator where it meets the metal sheet Highlighted in blue. (easiest if you just push out the metal part with a small screwdriver through the plastic holder).  If you break the plastic part, its ok, when you reinstall, just tape it with electrical tape real well, all should be fine.

Speaker Mounting Bolts

Remove the 4 speaker enclosure bolts circled.  You do not need to remove the speaker with the grill.

Door Speaker Removal Now you should be able to access the speaker box.  All of the 7MM bolts should have been removed.  The metal sheet should be moveable, reach your hand inside the door, behind the speaker and unplug the speaker connector (not shown in picture).
Remove speaker box. (It does not go out of the little square hole).  This is the part that probably causes the most problem.  You should not have to bend anything, you may have to pry some parts out to make the removal easier.  Patience is helpful.

Speaker Box
To remove the amp, you need to remove all of the 1/4" bolts on the outer edge of the speaker box.  Inside the box you will see a metal 4"x4" circuitboard (or a larger one for 84-87 models), this is the amp.  Disconnect the two wires going to the speaker.  And then remove the 4 mounting screws that hold the amp to the speaker box.  Install new amp.

INSTALLATION REVERSE OF REMOVAL (I will write up the reverse directons with tips and post them here.  But, for now, you will have to use your own judgement)

Now you are ready to listen to your Bose sound system again, like it was meant to be!

email with questions: parts@corvettejunction.com