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Corvette How-To's
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84-89 Corvette Front Door Speaker/Amp Removal-Corvette Junction, Inc.

Wheel Pressure Sensor-Scott Fabre

Wheel Pressure Sensor Revisited-Scott Fabre

Radiator Screen-Scott Fabre

ZF6 Rebuild-Scott Fabre

FX3 Shock Actuator-Scott Fabre

Dex Cool & Loose Oil Chamber Bolts-Scott Fabre

Door Chime Rebuild-Scott Fabre

SIR failure (fix for INFL REST on DIC)-Scott Fabre

Corsa Exhaust Install-Scott Fabre

Clutch Master Cylinder Replace-Scott Fabre

Fuel Pump Replace-Scott Fabre

Side Window Repair-Scott Fabre

Rear Brake Pad Replace-Scott Fabre

Jacking up the Car-Scott Fabre

Rebuilding the Bose Amp-Scott Fabre

Front Brake Pad Replace-Scott Fabre

Throttle Body Replacement-Scott Fabre

Making an Air Bellows Reinforcement-Scott Fabre

Replacing the Accumulator-Scott Fabre

Replacing the A/C unit-Scott Fabre

Oil Pressure Sensor Reconditioning-Scott Fabre

Alternator Reconditioning-Scott Fabre


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